Bulk SMS

Ameya Computers is one among the leaders in providing effective, efficient and responsive bulk messaging solutions including two-way SMS integration for wireless communication.

Ameya Computers is at the forefront of this expansion, providing working solutions for both businesses and end users to facilitate the Wireless Internet and mobile technologies, which are springing up around us. As our current flagship products, our SMS solutions are being used in many ways to drive new business models and provide corporate solutions.

Our Bulk SMS Platform allows our customers to send out information by using our stable web based interfaces and allows a single message to terminate to multiple mobile phones anywhere within the country. Our gateways have features like Dynamic Sender ID, SMS Scheduling, Two Way SMS, etc which connects to multiple operators around the country which helps ensure fast, reliable and qualitative delivery of messages with our scalable infrastructure. Our bulksms services are used by many corporates, stock brockers, financial institutes etc who needs instant delivery from our sms server using our Web Based SMS Software.

Ameya Computers already has a set of developed solutions and is perfectly placed to move in to the new technology as it matures. Ameya Computers developed applications empower companies to utilize these technologies to best enhance their business, and what's more, we are able to offer a full bespoke service to customize and produce products dedicated to your requirements.

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